And the winner is…


A few weeks ago we asked our beloved subscribers for suggestions for a product code name. We received over one hundred suggestions and thinned them down to six: Totem, Portal, Taku, Photon, Link and VoiR. Then they voted for their favorite and out of a thousand votes, more than a third were for Totem. Here are the results in full, pie charty goodness :

Thank you for participating, we are delighted to have such an active community!

Sorry, I don’t have any exciting pictures to share this time. We were on the road last week and visited Valve and VRcade. The Valve demo is impressive and is the experience we want to deliver at consumer prices. We will be collaborating with them to provide the best possible VR experience. We also had a chance to try out VRcade’s mocap setup and it is very promising!

See you in the metaverse,
Marc-O and the TPG Team