The Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference is coming up! March 2-6, 2015. And later this week Vrvana will bring the Totem headset to the [email protected] Wearables conference in Montreal.

Vrvana is committed to gamers. With onboard cameras, surround sound, 105 degree FOV lenses, hardware acceleration and more, the Totem is the result of our engineers passionate dedication to research and development.

Vrvana CEO Bertrand Nepveu is proud to be bringing the Totem virtual reality headset to the Game Developers Conference, where it is uniquely positioned to inspire new developments in gaming. VR is a transformational technology and the Totem headset stands apart from simple cellphone based designs. We are excited to present these opportunities to game developers.

“Since the Computer Electronics Show earlier this year, we have been working hard on our consumer version headset that we want to showcase at E3.

CES was really great this year because it was the first time that we could see that VR is finally getting consumer ready. With all those different companies working in this field, the future of VR looks great.” -Bertrand Nepveu, CEO

Gaming and gamers are driving early VR adoption and innovation, but the innovations that come with the ability to immerse oneself in a virtual world reach far beyond. Just this week Vrvana presented the Totem headset at the “Tabletisttes” conference which explored the transformational qualities of new technologies in learning environments. How will Virtual Reality transform the classroom? And on Feb. 26th, Vrvana will join dozens of developers at the [email protected] Wearables conference to demonstrate recent innovations in technology you can wear.

Research. Develop. Innovate. Vrvana leads the charge to greater immersion in virtual worlds.