New office, E3 and what’s next

New beginnings

It’s been a while since the last newsletter! A lot has happened in the past month. We moved out of Bertrand’s basement and into real offices. Jean-François and Yan, our two electrical engineers, quit their jobs and are now working full time on Totem.

The office
The office


In the weeks leading to E3, we crunched to get a working demo. The PCB is entirely debugged, but unfortunately we had a setback that prevented us from showing a prototype up to our standards. Datasheets are often lacking and grabbing manufacturers’ attention isn’t always easy!

The great part about E3 was meeting some of you at the VRLA Meetup. The not so good part: bed bugs, a bathroom door that had to be opened with a crowbar and forgetting a USB programming cable on the plane!

Debugging in the hotel room
Debugging in the hotel room

What’s next

Ironing out the last hardware issues.
Completing the Unreal plugin.
Getting the Kickstarter ready.
We are pumped about reaching these milestones ASAP!

Mini FAQ

We’ll put a FAQ on the web site, but here are a few answers to questions we receive regularly:

When can I buy the Totem?
Our plan is to do a Kickstarter before the end of summer.

See you in the metaverse,
Marc-O and the TPG Team