New picture, news and pick a codename


Things are progressing well. In the last two weeks we had good advancement porting head tracking code from our last prototype and writing new MIPI code to display on the screen. We’re also finalizing financial planning for pre-orders.

Last Friday we had the HMD 3D printed professionally. Here’s a picture!

Totem 3D print

The white box with the LCD is the base from an older prototype and will be redesigned to match Totem.

We were happy to demo all this to a local TV show, tell our story and explain our product and our vision. For those in Quebec, catch Le Journal Techno next Friday at 10PM on channel V! Once it’s available, we’ll send the link to the web version for those not in Quebec.

We were delighted to meet and discuss with some of you at the MTLVR Meetup last week! A lot of your liked our lens demo. Together we can make big things happen!

Codename vote

After having sent their product codename suggestions, subscribers to our mailing list were able to vote on their favorite. The choices were Totem, Portal, Taku, Photon, Link and VoiR.

See you in the metaverse,
Marc-O and the TPG Team