New Totem Prototype in the Works

The Totem headset was presented to developers at the E3 conference, and our engineers are hard at work integrating hardware and design improvements to the soon to be released consumer edition of the Totem headset.

The new Totem prototype, with a sleak industrial design, and state of the art positional and motion recognition technology.

Faster and smarter: Totem continues to stand apart from simple cell phone designs, and thanks to a recent partnership with SoftKinetic, it now incorporates state of the art hardware that improves Totem’s positional tracking and hand gesture recognition capabilities. The state of the art SoftKinetic Time-of-Flight camera, combined with Vrvana’s 1440p OLED displays and new industrial design, pushes the Totem ahead. The new design is much more comfortable, letting you play longer! New alpha test units will be shipping to developers in the next few months, in preparation for next year’s consumer release.

Next stop: Boston VR on June 30th, and the Gamescom trade fair in August, where the Totem headset will be presented to even more virtual reality developers at one of the largest gaming conferences in Europe.