Toms Hardware reviews the latest Totem prototype

Vrvana at GDC

“I expected good things from the Totem, but I wasn’t expecting it to knock my socks off the way it did.”

– Kevin Carbotte

The Vrvana team took Totem on the road this past month, showing off the latest prototype at Gitex, Sportel Monaco, and Immersed 2016. Great reviews are pouring in: “The Vrvana Totem mixed reality HMD is the most impressive thing I saw at the show” writes Kevin Carbotte from Toms Hardware. Totem’s custom lenses that provide a significantly wider field of view than competitors displays were a hit, as was the video passthrough functionality that our engineers have long been improving.

Next stop: The Montreal International Game Summit
November 13th-14th-15th, 2016

Vrvana presented Totem at the Sportel Monaco conference last month. The Prince of Monaco gives Totem two thumbs up!

“The Montreal International Game Summit brings together hundreds of international experts to one of the largest hubs of video games development in the world so that they can share their knowledge with the local and international developers attending the event.

Learn from them during conference sessions, masterclasses and one-on-one coaching sessions before rubbing shoulders with them during the MIGS networking cocktails and other special events over the 3 days.”

Come visit us!

See you in the metavrse!

The Vrvana Team

VR was the new trend at this year’s Cannes film festival

A number of VR companies were in attendance at this year’s Cannes film festival.  Attendees had difficulty containing their excitement of the  possibilities VR has to offer the film industry.  How would you like to watch your favorite movie with the lead actor seemingly standing right next to you?   Scary movies just got a whole lot scarier if you ask me!

About 35 movies from all over the world were available for viewing in 360°.  Among them – “I, Philip”, by Pierre Zandrowicz  places the viewer in the head of an android whose mind has been implanted with the memory of famous science-fiction author Philip K. Dick and the memories of his last love.  There was also a short film inspired by the opening chapter from the The War of the Worlds.

The article also discusses the lack of quality content and other issues that plague the VR scene.  The creative aspect of VR is clearly moving at a much faster pace than distribution.



What goes on in Totem

We’ve been able to do this sort of mixed reality since November 2015. The camera introduced a few artifacts which are not visible when wearing the headset: the field of view is larger (restrained here by camera’s lens), there is no visible dark line scrolling vertically, and there is no glitching in the image.

The famous Showdown demo from Epic viewed through Totem using our Sony camera. FOV is usually wider (limited here by the camera lens) but it gives you an idea of the perfect positional tracking. Mixed in with the matrix mode function demonstrating how we can blend in VR and reality.

Inside our downtown Montreal office, we filmed the inside view of our HMD, while switching to the Matrix mode (contour delimitation) by simply pressing once on a little button to the side of the totem.

Stay put, we’ll be posting videos filmed through the latest version of the headset shortly.  You’ll see the quality of the pass-through is much better!

On the field at SVVR Ca

Vrvana is at the Sillicon Valley Virtual Reality conference in California since Wednesday April 27th, showing off our new version of totem!!  We are proud to present improved AR and VR thanks to features such as higher camera resolution and better sensitivity, finer accuracy in tracking system and optics. For those who value aesthetics our new HMD is also lighter and more ergonomical.