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Jesse Schell outlines 40 predictions for VR and AR at GDC

Vrvana at GDCThe future of Augmented and Virtual reality is bright, says Jesse Schell, as he outlines 40 predictions for VR and AR at the Game Developers Conference. The market has arrived and it is here to stay. Schell predicts steady growth in the industry, which he sees centering around Augmented reality technologies:

“By 2025, AR market will be dominated by video AR systems like Vrvana Totem and Google Tango.”

 – Jesse Schell

What do you think of Schell’s predictions? Will more than 8 million headsets be sold by the end of 2017? Are you ready for VR tv shows? We are looking forward to presenting Totem at the GDC. Contact us if you’d like to arrange a meet up!

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Robert Scoble interview with Bertrand Nepveu

Another VR/AR headset. This one has best viewing angles on it. And unique AR approach. Bertrand Nepveu shows me his creation.

Posted by Robert Scoble on Friday, February 19, 2016

New version of OSVR standard released

What a summer! Building on the latest Totem prototype, our engineers have integrated superior head motion tracking and continued to innovate with the Totem’s front facing cameras, all while supporting important open standards for developers. Want to check it out? Vrvana is proud to be presenting the new Totem prototype at the following events: MTLVR, @Mixx Canada, Plug n Play acceletrator in Sunnyvale California (September to December), Ecommerce-Quebec, the VR Salon @ Mutek and the Volkswagen Group Conference Virtual Technologies in Germany where we will showcase a mixed reality experience.

Upcoming events:
Sep 24th: @MIXX Canada 2015 in Toronto
Sep 24th: Plug n Play Accelerator kickoff
Oct 1st: eCommerce-Quebec @ PDC
Oct 1st: VR Salon @ Mutek
Oct 6th: KTVT in Germany for VW
Oct 7&8: Volkswagen Group Conference Virtual Technologies in Germany

New version of OSVR standard released

Open standards are important. With so many groundbreaking technologies being introduced into Virtual Reality devices, development can be difficult across devices. For this reason, Vrvana is committed to supporting OSVR so that developers can easily make use of our virtual reality displays. This month a new version of the OSVR standard was released, and new partners joined in support:

Today, in addition to announcing a new developer kit, OSVR also announced a whole bunch of new program partners, 65 of them to be exact, bringing the total to 230 partners.

New Totem Prototype in the Works

The Totem headset was presented to developers at the E3 conference, and our engineers are hard at work integrating hardware and design improvements to the soon to be released consumer edition of the Totem headset.

The new Totem prototype, with a sleak industrial design, and state of the art positional and motion recognition technology.

Faster and smarter: Totem continues to stand apart from simple cell phone designs, and thanks to a recent partnership with SoftKinetic, it now incorporates state of the art hardware that improves Totem’s positional tracking and hand gesture recognition capabilities. The state of the art SoftKinetic Time-of-Flight camera, combined with Vrvana’s 1440p OLED displays and new industrial design, pushes the Totem ahead. The new design is much more comfortable, letting you play longer! New alpha test units will be shipping to developers in the next few months, in preparation for next year’s consumer release.

Want to learn more? Check out this video of the Totem being showed off at the eComMTL conference:

Click to view

Next stop: Boston VR on June 30th, and the Gamescom trade fair in August, where the Totem headset will be presented to even more virtual reality developers at one of the largest gaming conferences in Europe.

The Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference is coming up! March 2-6, 2015. And later this week Vrvana will bring the Totem headset to the [email protected] Wearables conference in Montreal.

Vrvana is committed to gamers. With onboard cameras, surround sound, 105 degree FOV lenses, hardware acceleration and more, the Totem is the result of our engineers passionate dedication to research and development.

Vrvana CEO Bertrand Nepveu is proud to be bringing the Totem virtual reality headset to the Game Developers Conference, where it is uniquely positioned to inspire new developments in gaming. VR is a transformational technology and the Totem headset stands apart from simple cellphone based designs. We are excited to present these opportunities to game developers.

“Since the Computer Electronics Show earlier this year, we have been working hard on our consumer version headset that we want to showcase at E3.

CES was really great this year because it was the first time that we could see that VR is finally getting consumer ready. With all those different companies working in this field, the future of VR looks great.” -Bertrand Nepveu, CEO

Gaming and gamers are driving early VR adoption and innovation, but the innovations that come with the ability to immerse oneself in a virtual world reach far beyond. Just this week Vrvana presented the Totem headset at the “Tabletisttes” conference which explored the transformational qualities of new technologies in learning environments. How will Virtual Reality transform the classroom? And on Feb. 26th, Vrvana will join dozens of developers at the [email protected] Wearables conference to demonstrate recent innovations in technology you can wear.

Research. Develop. Innovate. Vrvana leads the charge to greater immersion in virtual worlds.

Head Tracking Video & Backer Discount

Only about 200 backers in our project have completed the survey link we posted through Kickstarter. We asked for the contact details of our backers so that we could provide you with a special pre-order discount.
If you are one of those backers that have yet to send us your order/address information, please click the link below to fill out your info. Be sure to include your Kickstarter username so that we can identify you and once we hit our pre-order target, an additional $50 discount will be applied to your order!

Get my Discount!

We are optimistic we will reach our pre-order target so that we can bring you Totem in its best design yet.
We’ll continue to work hard and as always welcome feedback.

We’re also excited to announce that Bert will be featured as a panelist at Get Immersed! taking place in Toronto, Canada November 23 and 24th.


If you’d like to attend be sure to use discount code: VRVANAimmersed to save $100 off your ticket price!

Since many have asked for it, here is a new video showing more games with head tracking ;)!

View it here:


See you in the metavrse!

The Vrvana Team

Silence is golden but feedback is platinum

We received an impressive number of responses to last week’s survey, thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. We really appreciated your kind words and encouragement!

Based on the comments and feedback, we’ve made the decision to pull our Kickstarter campaign and offer pre-ordering directly through our website.

For everyone who backed us, please fill out your contact info here as soon as possible so that we can contact you with special details!

Why are we cancelling?

We didn’t get the traction we had anticipated on Kickstarter for a number of reasons:

  1. Most Kickstarter supporters are VR enthusiasts who would prefer a polished consumer headset instead of a developer kit.

  2. Because some key features are still in development, some supporters wanted to hold off on purchasing.

  3. The price was perceived to be a bit high considering that we cannot show all the features. We can’t wait to show you our new OLED screen when we receive them 😉

So, instead we decided to go back to the drawing board to focus our efforts on developing the consumer version of Totem.

By pre-ordering, you reserve your spot to be first to own a Totem!
Please note that all future updates, timelines, and developments will be posted on our website as our Kickstarter page will no longer be used.

Once again, thanks for your ongoing support – your commitment is crucial.
We’re making huge strides in our development and we are excited to create the future of VR!

Pre-order your Totem!

Tell Totem What Makes You Tick

Some of you have been following our progress for quite a while and some of you are newcomers to Vrvana’s VR space. All of you have an opinion we value.

We’ve put together a short 5-minute survey to get a better understanding of your needs and what the future of Totem and VR might look like.

Take Totem Survey!

Win a Totem Design Contest

We want to hear from you!
Our Totem faceplate is the perfect place to make your mark. There is no limit on colours or engraving possibility – we want you to get those design juices flowing!

The creator of the winning design receives a Totem VR headset and their design will be used for a limited edition Totem for Kickstarter.

Deadline is Wednesday October 10th (2 weeks) 12:00 (noon) EST.

Please submit in PDF (vector format). Click on this link for our scaled vectorial line artwork template and get busy designing the future of VR!

For all submissions and questions please contact us at: [email protected]

Kickstarter going strong – How can you help?

Pledge: Buy a Totem at a discounted rate or donate for as little as $5

Spread the word: Everyone needs to know how great Totem is by sharing this link:

And if you haven’t seen the video, here it is!

A HUGE Thank You to all our supporters!

We’ll be posting a major R&D update early next week with additional videos, stay tuned.

The Vrvana Team

Totem gears up for its Kickstarter Launch!

We’re launching on Kickstarter: real soon.

Yes, that’s right – we’re finally on our way to making a huge Kickstarter splash! We’ll be sure to send you an invitation the day of the launch so you can take advantage of our early bird pricing as well as special bundled packages of Totem. Our anticipated launch date is mid-September so feel free to be social and help spread the word – Vrvana Totem is coming!

Head tracking is working great!

Here’s a quick video showing head tracking in Technolust on the Totem.

Have a look..

See Totem LIVE at MTLVR – September 18, 2014

For those in Montreal be sure to check out our next product demo at MTLVR at Notman House, 51 Sherbrooke West.
Click here to find out more about this event!

See you in the metavrse,

The Vrvana Team

First basic demos and a name change

First basic demos at MTLVR

Two weeks ago we had our first public demos at MTLVR, let’s call them pre alpha alpha! 😉 This comprised of an 1080p LCD screen and our custom PCB, all mounted inside the 3D printed model you’ve already seen in photos. We showed a few stereoscopic videos and that was enough to get some wows. Even though the LCD had most people praising it, the plan is still to replace it with a low persistence OLED panel within a few months. Porting the head tracking from our last gen prototype is almost finished and we hope to be able to show it in the next few weeks. We’re also busy getting an UE4 plugin ready.

Wing suit demo
The awesome wing suit demo video (not by us)

Friendly guinea pigs (they survived). Thanks for your feedback! 😉

And a name change to Vrvana!

We’ve also decided to take a huge step and change our branding. Why? “True Player Gear” is long-winded and we’ve heard pretty much every possible permutation of those words. It also caused some confusion at times: “Wait, you guys aren’t making hip hop clothing!?”. But most importantly, we felt it did not reflect our long term vision for the company, which is that VR should not be limited to gaming but also be open to simulations, education, medicine, architecture, etc. After a long thought process, we are renaming the company to Vrvana (pronounced “ver-vana”) and are introducing a new logo to reflect the change. We hope you’ll like it, but let’s not get too distracted – the plan is still to do a Kickstarter by the end of summer!

See you in the metavrse,
Marc-O and the Vrvana team