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Toms Hardware reviews the latest Totem prototype

Vrvana at GDC

“I expected good things from the Totem, but I wasn’t expecting it to knock my socks off the way it did.”

– Kevin Carbotte, Toms Hardware

The Vrvana team took Totem on the road this past month, showing off the latest prototype at Gitex, Sportel Monaco, and Immersed 2016. Great reviews are pouring in: “The Vrvana Totem mixed reality HMD is the most impressive thing I saw at the show” writes Kevin Carbotte from Toms Hardware. Totem’s custom lenses that provide a significantly wider field of view than competitors displays were a hit, as was the video passthrough functionality that our engineers have long been improving. Carbotte describes the combined experience:

Moments after putting the Totem on my head, Nepveu told me to reach out and press start, which demonstrated the hand tracking system. He then handed me a booklet of papers and told me to flip it over. The pages each have 12 unique QR codes, and when I glanced at them at the correct angle, a 3D object appeared on top. The first page was a model of the Delorean from Back To The Future, into which I could lean and inspect the interior. The model wasn’t interactive, but Nepveu said that it eventually would be.

The subsequent pages included a model of a Pikachu, a 3D rendering of some Dewalt tools, and a lightsaber. Nepveu used the Dewalt drill to demonstrate that Totem can replicate presence in AR. He took the page and tried to stick the drill into my face, which made me lurch backward.

The final page featured an attack helicopter, and just when I thought it was over, Nepveu blew my mind once again. He handed me an Xbox 360 controller and said, “Want to fly it?” When he took away the QR codes, the chopper was left in front of my face. I could fly this 3D model of a helicopter anywhere in the room with no restrictions (aside from the physical space that I was in). The helicopter could reach the ceiling above or fly below the table. Once I had the controls worked out, Nepveu hit the space bar to transition the environment to full VR.

Suddenly I found myself flying a digital RC helicopter in a canyon and firing at turrets that opened fire on me first. The demo featured a projected first person view of the chopper’s perspective that I could use to make aiming easier.

Read the whole review on Toms Hardware…

Next stop: The Montreal International Game Summit
November 13th-14th-15th, 2016

Vrvana presented Totem at the Sportel Monaco conference last month. The Prince of Monaco gives Totem two thumbs up!

“The Montreal International Game Summit brings together hundreds of international experts to one of the largest hubs of video games development in the world so that they can share their knowledge with the local and international developers attending the event.

Learn from them during conference sessions, masterclasses and one-on-one coaching sessions before rubbing shoulders with them during the MIGS networking cocktails and other special events over the 3 days.”

Come visit us!

See you in the metavrse!

The Vrvana Team

Telefilm Canada on the Streets of Cannes to Promote Canadian VR

Telefilm Canada hits the streets, wearing custom designed headsets by Vrvana, to promote Canadian innovation in VR.

Telefilm Canada hit the streets of Cannes to promote Canadian innovation in VR. The actual Totem headset, to be released this summer, needs to be connected to a computer.

Aliens on the red carpet? Nope. Telefilm & Canada Media Fund’s cool campaign to promote the Canadian Virtual Reality intiatives at ‪#‎MIPTV‬! A big thank you to Mtl-based Vrvana for the fantastic custom-made headsets!‪ – Telefilm Canada

Wearing headsets custom designed by Vrvana, Telefilm Canada was out on the streets of Cannes today promoting Canadian innovation in Virtual Reality, as part of its #VueSurCanada (Eyes on Canada) series.

Modelled off Vrvana’s Totem headset, the demo units provided to Telefilm Canada point to our enhanced future reality. The Totem headset has powerful front facing cameras that allow users to see what is happening around them while interacting in blended worlds that mix the real and the virtual.

Two well dressed hosts, wearing Vrvana branded empty headsets (no electronics), spent the day inviting people into the Canadian pavilion showing of virtual reality.

vrvanatot2Learn more about Vrvana and Totem this week at the Nvidia GPU Tech conference, where Vrvana CEO Bertrand Nepveu (Twitter @vrvana, @BertrandNepveu ) is demonstrating the latest in Totem blended reality.

Then later in the month, Vrvana is proud to present at VR Expo SVVR April 23rd – 24th.

As we approach the first round of Totem headsets being released to developers this summer, Vrvana will be showing off Totem technology at E3 and AWE in June. Contact us to arrange a meet up! 


Photos: Loïc Thébaud