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New version of OSVR standard released

What a summer! Building on the latest Totem prototype, our engineers have integrated superior head motion tracking and continued to innovate with the Totem’s front facing cameras, all while supporting important open standards for developers. Want to check it out? Vrvana is proud to be presenting the new Totem prototype at the following events: MTLVR, @Mixx Canada, Plug n Play acceletrator in Sunnyvale California (September to December), Ecommerce-Quebec, the VR Salon @ Mutek and the Volkswagen Group Conference Virtual Technologies in Germany where we will showcase a mixed reality experience.

Upcoming events:
Sep 24th: @MIXX Canada 2015 in Toronto
Sep 24th: Plug n Play Accelerator kickoff
Oct 1st: eCommerce-Quebec @ PDC
Oct 1st: VR Salon @ Mutek
Oct 6th: KTVT in Germany for VW
Oct 7&8: Volkswagen Group Conference Virtual Technologies in Germany

New version of OSVR standard released

Open standards are important. With so many groundbreaking technologies being introduced into Virtual Reality devices, development can be difficult across devices. For this reason, Vrvana is committed to supporting OSVR so that developers can easily make use of our virtual reality displays. This month a new version of the OSVR standard was released, and new partners joined in support:

Today, in addition to announcing a new developer kit, OSVR also announced a whole bunch of new program partners, 65 of them to be exact, bringing the total to 230 partners.