Tom’s Hardware Awards Totem Best in Show at CES

“By far, the device that feels the most complete and most advanced is Vrvana’s Totem mixed reality HMD.” says Tom’s Hardware as it awards Totem its Best in Show award!

Tom’s Hardware awards Totem Best in Show at CES!

What separates Totem from the rest? Tom’s Hardware comments on the Totem advantage: “… inside-out, 6DOF tracking; both VR and AR capabilities (that transition smoothly between one another); hand tracking; butter-smooth camera passthrough; and undetectable lag and latency. Incredibly, this is all on a prototype device.”

We look forward to more exposure as the Totem headset is recognized as the most advanced mixed reality technology around. 2017 is already proving to be an exciting year!

Read Tom’s Hardware’s full review here… 




One thought on “Tom’s Hardware Awards Totem Best in Show at CES”

  1. Gary Reply

    I note that msi vr one is a backpack that one can wear to provide processing and power for the Vive. Of course, with the Vive’s lighthouse one is confined to a room that has been setup appropriately. However, if the totem can use accelerometers and gyroscopes instead then one could roam freely, even outdoors. The AR capability would make this extremely useful for engineers and technicians working on site or in the field.

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