What goes on in Totem

We’ve been able to do this sort of mixed reality since November 2015. The camera introduced a few artifacts which are not visible when wearing the headset: the field of view is larger (restrained here by camera’s lens), there is no visible dark line scrolling vertically, and there is no glitching in the image.

The famous Showdown demo from Epic viewed through Totem using our Sony camera. FOV is usually wider (limited here by the camera lens) but it gives you an idea of the perfect positional tracking. Mixed in with the matrix mode function demonstrating how we can blend in VR and reality.

Inside our downtown Montreal office, we filmed the inside view of our HMD, while switching to the Matrix mode (contour delimitation) by simply pressing once on a little button to the side of the totem.

Stay put, we’ll be posting videos filmed through the latest version of the headset shortly.  You’ll see the quality of the pass-through is much better!